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GYM II Playground Set - 2 Horizontal Bars

GYM II Playground Set - 2 Horizontal Bars


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Playground Structure with Double-Bar

The LoggyLand playground set GYM II is a double bar for private and public use.
It includes:

    2 x horizontal bars 90 cm, red
    3 x larch wood palisades Ø 12 cm, 200 cm

The height of the horizontal bars can be set as desired.

Dimensions: approx. 179 cm x 77 cm, height approx. 205 cm

GYM I ReckstangeThe European larch wood of the palisades is untreated. It is as resistant as other softwoods after pressure impregnation.
The edges of the palisades are planed and milled, so that the risk of splitting is reduced.
The two stretching rods are made of powder-coated metal.

This LoggyLand playground set GYM II complies with the safety regulations for private and public playgrounds (DIN EN 71-8 / DIN EN 1176).

All parts are also available separately.
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