Individual parts and accessories

Individual parts and accessories

All LoggyLand articles and playground accessories separate, from wood over linkings to slides and swings.
Sub categories

Secured and long living swing seats, trapeze & rings for kids swing in the garden and for the playground. All common swing seats at a glance: swing seats consisting out of wood, metal, synthetic or rubber, baby swing seats, double swings, wood trapeze, rope rings, plate swings & more.

Swing accessories by LoggyLand: chains out of stainless steel.

Pillar shoes, ground anchor & limb connector for saving all tyoes of pillars on playgrounds.

This kids cableway offers the perfect outdoor fun in the home garden.

Spare parts: Additionally we offer seesaw mounting and handles but also more accessory for seesaws and carousels.

Climbing nets

The amount of the climbing grips on a one square metre climbing- or boulder wall depends on the intended purpose and of the climber itself.

Accessory for the playground, equipments are for example: post bar shoes (to keep the woo safe when directly ground contact), grpund anchor, play steeling wheels, protection caps and more.

For fastening of swings, ropes etc. you need swing hooks and carabiner. You can find a selection of different hooks and fixations here.
Extension Rope for Swing Seats 1.35 - 2.35m, Polyhemp Ø12mm
With this stable rope you can expand your plate swings / board swings etc. in height.
9.49 €*
Telescope telescope large green / yellow
Keeps tabs on everything! Rotatable telescope for playground structures.
8.49 €*