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Playground Set - Swing and Slide

Playground Set - Swing and Slide


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Set of swing and slide

Swing and slide in one, that offers our LoggyLand playground set MEDIUM.

Especially for smaller gardens, this playground set is ideal.
Surprise your children, grandchildren or nieces and nephews with this bestselling playground equipment.

Swings and slides are the favorite pastimes of all children outdoors and in addition to the hours of fun and make a major contribution to the physical development of the little ones.

 MEDIUM Spielplatz SetThe swinging up and down of the rocking movement promotes the sense of balance and the sense of rhythm and calms the mind incomparably.
Make fun of your kids with our LoggyLand Playground Set MEDIUM on your property and many happy hours in nature.

We source the stable, European LoggyLand larch wood solely from sustainable management and can pass it on to you and your family with a clear conscience.

Due to the high resin content, larch wood provides a natural protection against weather and pests, thanks to which it can be used untreated outdoors without hesitation.

If you prefer lacquered wood, we can supply you with environmentally friendly and child-proof glaze or, for an additional charge, also finished lacquered wood.

The LoggyLand playground set MEDIUM has been tested and approved for private use according to DIN EN 71-8.

Dimensions: approx. 305cm x 466cm with a height of approx. 260cm

The MEDIUM playground set includes:

      1 x wave slide 300cm
      1 x rubber swing seat black
      2 x handle 235mm red
      1 x larch wood palisade Ø 12cm 300cm
      6 x larch wood palisade Ø 10cm 290cm
      5 x larch wood half palisade Ø 8cm 88cm
      7 x larch wood half palisade Ø 8cm 65cm
      2 x continuous protection half palisade Ø 8cm 236cm
      2 x larch wood half palisade Ø 8cm 104cm
      3 x swing connectors
      2 x pedestal 4,5cm x 11cm x 153cm
      9 x larch wood podium board 2,8cm x 12,5cm x 95cm
      2 x larch wood podium board 2,8cm x 12,5cm x 88cm
      2 x larch wood board 2,8cm x 12,5cm x 75cm
      2 x swing hooks
    60 x countersunk screw 5x70
      2 x countersunk screw 5x30
    18 x hex bolt 8x80
      4 x hexagon screw 8x100
    22 x cover green

All parts are also available separately.
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