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Playground Set ENERGY - Swing and Climbing Rope

Playground Set ENERGY - Swing and Climbing Rope


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ENERGY playground set

Our LoggyLand playground set ENERGY offers great fun in a small space.
The combination of a swing with a climbing rope provides lots of fun while teaching body control.

The wooden frame consists of 10 cm and 12 cm thick larch wood beams and can be left untreated due to its high resistance .

ENERGY Spielplatz Set
This set is suitable for kindergartens, public playgrounds and for your own garden.
It complies with the safety regulations for private and public playgrounds (DIN EN 71-8 / DIN EN 1176).
Please note: Special public safety regulations apply to public areas, so you will need other swing seats and hooks (see below)

Dimensions: approx. 305 cm x 300 cm; height: 260 cm

The ENERGY playground set includes:

    1 x rubber swing seat black
    1 x larch wood palisade Ø 12 cm, 300 cm
    4 x larch wood palisade Ø 10 cm, 290 cm
    6 x larch wood half palisade Ø 8 cm, 65 cm
    2 x continuous protection half palisade Ø 8 cm, 236 cm
    2 x swing connectors
    1 x rope 210 cm
    3 x swing hooks
    28 x screws

All parts are also available separately.
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