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Playground Set ULTIMATE - Slide, Climbing Rope and Swing
Popular garden playground: swing, slide and climbing rope. Made of european larch wood.
590.00 €*
Playground Set ENERGY - Swing and Climbing Rope
The playground set ENERGY offers great fun in a small space. Made of european larch woord.
259.00 €*
Playground Set VOYAGE - Double Swing
Classic double swing made of European larch wood. Dimensions:305 cm x 300 cm; height: 260 cm.
459.99 €*
GYM I Playground Set - Stretch Rod
Our LoggyLand playground set GYM I is a gymnastics and play structure for private gardens, public kindergarten or playgrounds.
109.99 €*
Playground Set SPEED - 2 Slides with a Swing
This LoggyLand double slide with swing offers lots of fun in your garden! Made of european larch wood.
899.00 €*
Playground Set SWING - Classic Swing Set
Our classic swing is ideal for smaller private gardens, as it does not take up much space. Made of european larch wood.
391.99 €*
GYM II Playground Set - 2 Horizontal Bars
LoggyLand playground set for private and public use.
163.99 €*
GYM III playground set - 3 stretching poles
This LoggyLand playground set GYM III should not be missing in any public playground, schoolyard or kindergarten.
233.99 €*
Playground Set - 2 Swings with Climbing Rope and Slide HAPPY
The LoggyLand playground set HAPPY contains everything that is needed for happy games: a slide, two swings and of course a climbing rope. Make small people happy again!
635.00 €*
1 to 10 (von 316 products)