DOUBLE playground set

LoggyLand Playgrounds

With our LoggyLand Playgrounds you will make children's hearts beat faster.

If you want to build a playground paradise for your little ones in your own garden, here you will find everything from slides to swings, from playground sets to a complete playground.

VOYAGE playground set You have the possibility to combine individual playground sets and expand them.
For example, with our playground set ULTIMATE we offer you a combination of swing, slide and rope; You can optimize this set to your liking by replacing the proposed swing with a baby swing and choosing a yellow spiral chute instead of the blue wave slide.

The modular system of LoggyLand can gradually allow more and more versatile playgrounds.

Matching slides for your playground, sandboxes and plenty of swings, as well as colorful accessories such as steering wheels and telescopes are also offered by LoggyLand.
Also ground anchors, safety mats and play sand should not be forgotten while planning a playground.
Therefore under the entry Parts and Accessories LoggyLand offers everything that is needed around the playground.

Only an in every respect safe playground ensures your children having carefree fun while playing.

Safety on playgrounds For this reason, LoggyLand playgrounds comply with the latest safety regulations for private playgrounds according to DIN EN 71-8.

The visual and functional testing of our products has been successfully performed by TÜV Nord.

In our shop you will find all the necessary items for optimum safety on the playground - from safety mats over ground anchors to post shoes.

Larch tree Our products are made exclusively from European larch wood or Douglas fir.
For the massive LoggyLand constructions we only use 10cm or 12cm diameter palisades to give you maximum stability. We rely on the larch or Douglas fir, because this wood is the most durable European softwood.

Larch wood or Douglas fir is untreated as robust as other softwoods after cumbersome impregnation and can be unhesitatingly used outdoors.
The wood is planed and milled for optimal further processing.
If you prefer glazed wood, we will gladly deliver environmentally and child friendly glaze for self applying or already glazed wood.

ULTIMATE playground set Be inspired by our versatile playground sets. In our wide range of playground sets for private land, you will definitely find something that fits into your garden and offer your loved little ones many happy hours outdoors.

Selected playground sets

ULTIMATE playground set With the ULTIMATE playground set you bring home the three most popular playground devices: swing, slide, rope and a platform for climbing. This highlight should not be missing in your garden.

SWING playground set Design the playground in your garden yourself and do not miss out on this classic; because our LoggyLand SWING should not be absent on any private playground.

GYM II playground set Our LoggyLand double bar GYM II is asking for mutual gymnastics. Offer children, on the public playground and in the homely garden, the opportunity for playfull physical activity with our double bar GYM II.

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