LoggyLand playground sets offer a big playing fun for the home garden with the combination out of slides, swings and climbing towers.

All LoggyLand articles and playground accessories separate, from wood over linkings to slides and swings.

If you are looking for swings for the public area, you will find it here. From the therapy swing, over the bird nest swing to the swing hook, these products are confirm the secure standards DIN EN 1176 for public playgrounds.

For private playgrounds, here we offer you a wide variety of swings and ropes etc. For example, choose between baby swings, family swings and trapezoids.

For public areas other safety regulations apply as for playgrounds on private land. Here you will find all our slides, approved for the public domain, according to DIN EN 1176.

These slides are only for private use and therefore made for the fun at home. We also use the wave slides in our playground sets.

Fall protection mats should be a duty for the carefree playing fun. You will find the fall protection mats in different colors for the private use.

LoggyLand is a modular system. You can expand and change the system individually. The needed pieces like palisades, linkings and podium carrier will you find here.

Play houses in which the youngest can feel like the oldest. Equipped with floors and weather resistant roofs and so these little houses offer everything a child's heart wants.

Sand boxes in various sizes made from larch wood and suitable covering hoods.