Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

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Safety mats should be mandatory for the carefree fun of your children. You will find fall protection mats in various colors for the private domain.

LoggyLand is a modular system. You can (almost) expand and change it as you like. You can find the necessary parts like palisades, connectors and platform carriers here.

Accessories for playground equipment are, for example: post anchors (to protect the wood from direct ground contact), floor anchors, toy steering wheels, protective caps and much more.

For fastening of swings, ropes etc. you need swing hooks and carabiner. You can find a selection of different hooks and fixations here.

Here you will find everything for professional fixation of your playground equipment. In addition to ground anchors for a secure stand, post shoes and ground sleeves can also be found.

Sand for sandboxes in different quantities.
Swing hook with bolt 'through' - type D - rod length 220mm
Galvanized steel hook with bolt for swings. The bolt has a length of approx. 220 mm
This product is currently not available
Universal connector connector for climbing nets or similar
Universal connector connector for climbing nets or similar
10.00 €*