Wood Information

Larch Why Larch Wood?


In central Europe larch is viewed as one of the best wood materials for the building of residences. Larch is a wood valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground, and is suitable for use as posts and in fencing.


All our playground structures are exclusively made of European larch wood coming from sustainable forest management areas.

Safety – No need for impregnation

Larch wood possesses inherent silica content and natural oils, which eliminate the need of using any preservatives or sealants. Even without impregnation larch ties last twice as long as pine and at least as long as impregnated pine ties. Larch may be left untreated for years, although some prefer to add some color to it. Therefore, we offer environmental friendly lasur paint in our shop.

Longevity & Aging

The bold grain patterning and the natural coloring of the larch, along with its renowned durability, was our reason for choosing larch wood.
However, timber is a natural product and does age over time. Small 'shakes' (cracks & splits) are natural features of any timber and will expanding and contracting, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. These small cracks do not affect the stability.